Welcome to the world of Telios!

A rugged land, harsh but beautiful. Civilizations maturing amidst the ashes of their shattered predecessors. Two nations, poised at the brink of war. An empire, oblivious to the tensions building between its vassals. And a city torn between ideals, where those individuals caught in the tides of change can affect the fate of two nations.

This is Telios.

The Campaign:

This campaign will last until sometime in August, and could have as many as 18 sessions or as few as 12 depending on how things go. It will go from level 1 to anywhere between level 6 and 10, again depending on how things go. The campaign will be more focused on character choices than on game statistics (although there will be plenty of fighting), and due to the short-term nature of the campaign each player will be choosing a background from the ones we’ve prepared. The backgrounds tell you what your character does, not who he is, what he believes or what class or race he is. Your characters will be completely your own, the backgrounds will just tie you in to the story.