Beren Windsong

A wizard from Corennon, Beren has studied evocation magic at Venth's Librarium for several years now.


Beren Windsong is a mage who learned his craft in the Librarium of Corennon. The son of a prestigious but aloof druid, his arcane spellcasting was heavily influenced by the primal traditions of Corennon. He has spent his career researching methods of reducing inertia in evocation magic by constructing evocations that work with the patterns present in the environment, rather than forcefully breaking those patterns. His magic has been pared down in raw power and destructiveness, but accomplishes as much as a more traditional evoker’s spells with much less effort.

“Now, Lucan, pay close attention. The physical world is governed by a strict set of laws – gravity, kinetic energy and so on. The metaphysical world of magical forces is governed by an equally strict set of laws, but these laws can supersede or override the physical laws if there’s enough force behind the evocation. Causing an anomaly in the physical world is one way to give your spell power, because the physical laws will break and snap back into place. There’s a lot of energy there. However, just because a wizard can break the physical laws to create a fiery explosion doesn’t mean doing so is the best idea. Evocation can work with both the laws of the world and the laws of magic, bending and using the physical laws instead of breaking them. Think of skipping a stone across a river instead of lobbing a boulder into the flow. This type of evocation doesn’t have as much raw power, but the wizard faces less resistance from the environment and it’s a hell of a lot easier to do, not to mention better on your surroundings. Think on it, boy. Now let’s see you levitate that stone again …”

Beren Windsong

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