Red Jack

Leader of Venth's largest thieves' guild, Red Jack is chafing under a tightening noose of authority.


As quick with his wits as he is with a blade, Red Jack is guildmaster of the Royals, the largest thieves’ guild in the city of Venth. He has a reputation for avoiding capture, despite a bad habit of meeting with prospective clients and allies in person.

The Royals are feeling the tension between Venth and Corennon more than most – the tightening security around the capital is making the guild’s work more difficult. Red Jack is especially anxious to stop Corennon’s attacks on Venth, because the city guard’s response to the crisis has forced a halt on all the guild’s major operations. Red Jack doesn’t see himself as a patriot, but it’s looking more and more like the Royals are going to need to enter the shadow war between Venth and Corennon supporters.

Red Jack

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