Tanis Idarell

The ruthlessly ambitious leader of the Stormhawks.


Tanis is a lean man with sinuous grace. His black hair hangs rakishly to one side, and he sports a neatly trimmed beard on his long, angular face. His eyes burn with an intensity that puts most people off guard, particularly when it becomes clear that he is every bit as focused and merciless as his appearance suggests.

Tanis entered the army from a poor background as a mere private and fought his way up through the ranks with ferocity. He rose to the rank of Captain some time ago, and has steadily improved his placement in the army after several successful missions against barbarians in the south. Now, he stands in command of the Stormhawks, the most elite group of soldiers in the Venthian army, and is tasked with rooting out the Corennon terrorist organization that is striking at Venth’s temples and government buildings. He knows that this mission could make or break his career, and vigorously pursues his quarry with the knowledge that the rank of Commander is within his grasp.

Tanis Idarell

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