Book on Local Venthian History

A well-worn book found in a rarely visited section of the Librarium in Venth


The part that catches your eye is headed by the same symbol as the one taken from the “terrorist”. It relates the sad story of House Tauel, every member of which was supposedly exterminated over a century age for instigating an ill-fated civil uprising in the capital. However, this text seeks to offer evidence that several remaining members of House Tauel fled to the nearby city of Oxenhold, a city then in decline and now lost. Here the author’s evidence becomes hazy and the Tauel line fades into obscurity…


This book was found by Araevyn and Zaltiar tucked behind several other books on a dimly-lit shelf in a dusty corner of the sixth floor of the Venthian Librarium. The circumstances of its appearance were incredibly lucky, and the book itself seems to have something unusual about it the longer it remains in your possession…

Book on Local Venthian History

Telios Jawndar Jawndar