Session 16: The War Arrives
Or, How to Shove a Sword Through Tythis' Abdomen
Session 14: How to Escape a Librarium
Or, How to Redirect a City's Worth of Fire Magic Into a Glacier
Session 13: How to Stage a Coup, Part 3
Or, How to Break into a Librarium and Steal a Valuable Artifact
Session 12: How to Stage A Coup, Part 2
Or, How to Fight Creepy Demon Ghosts
Interlude: Rumors Abound!
In the wake of the party's grand entrance, rumors of the event circulate throughout the city of Venth.

By the night after Tythis’ speech, everyone has heard of the showdown at the fountain square. Eyewitness accounts of the event vary, but all agree that the scene was spectacular, and more than a little confusing.

Everyone agrees that the fugitives wanted for terrorism a month ago have returned. Everyone also agrees that terrorists attacked during the speech, because two of the soldiers guarding the convicted terrorists to be hanged were killed, one shot straight through the eye, the other strangled from behind. Where accounts tend to differ is whether the fugitives were part of the terrorist plot, or whether they were working against the terrorists.

Some say the fugitives acted as a distraction for the terrorists. Others say they acted to reveal some sort of treachery on the Magistrate’s part, and the terrorists simply took the opportunity. Everyone agrees that Il Duce is back, and that he has a score to settle with Magistrate Tythis. His reputation, tarnished by his branding as a terrorist and the revelation of his true identity, has given rise to several theories as to his motivations. Some believe that he has always fought with love for Venth in his heart, but most people are more cynical and see a power struggle between the new authority in Venth and the son of Venth’s now deposed highest-ranking military officer.

There is mention of Sahara, the priestess of Jozan thought to have been taken hostage by the fugitives during their escape from the city. She appeared alongside the fugitives and pronounced Jozan’s judgment upon Tythis, a startling development to be sure. Some of the more learned tavern-goers have suggested Stockholm syndrome as an explanation, but most people don’t know what that term even means or where it comes from.

But most of all, people are talking about Araevyn Volaris, the young Knight Arcanum who had held a position in the Stormhawks before being branded a terrorist and fleeing the city. Although it was his father Durian who interrupted Tythis’ speech, it was Araevyn, the long-fled fugitive, who appeared as if by magic at his wounded father’s side, and it was Araevyn who held off the guards weaponless and single-handed as he leveled accusations of treachery and corruption at Tythis. Some say that he stopped a half dozen men in their tracks with but a glance, and others insist that he broke the hafts of their weapons with a touch and a word of magic. His voice carried that day, outstripping even Tythis’ magically-enhanced vocalizations. Here, some make mention of a mysterious cloaked figure with a staff beside Araevyn, but no one seems to know any more about this enigmatic stranger.

No one seems to know exactly why Araevyn has it out for Tythis, but everyone has a good theory or three. Of even more interest are his accusations against Tythis – treason, treachery and terrorism? Weren’t those the charges leveled against him? Tythis has done far more in the past month for Venth than the queen, and is even now bringing Incarion troops in to protect us … there’s no way he could be behind the terrorism … right?

Session 11: How to Stage a Coup, Part 1
The party plans their strike against Tythis, only to improvise a dramatic introduction during Tythis' speech.
Session 10: The Return to Venth
The party searches the battlefield for Anton LaRoche, then returns to Venth via the Warrens after a detour to Oxenhold.

Fill me in!

Session 9: A Close Encounter of the Terrifying, Diseased Kind
The party flfees from a creepy, plaguescarred lodecaster, heading south again towards Venth

Fill me in!

Session 8: The Road to Corennon
The party travels to Corennon along the Trade Road, and meets with the King of Corennon

The party began the session by leaving the Venthian army camp once again, and making for the trade road running from the Central Passage to Corennon, north along the mountains that divide the provinces. Along the way, the party encountered Beren Windsong, Lucan’s master, who had been smuggled out of Venth by Janus and other high-placed Venthians to carry a message from Queen Morianne Halconeth of Venth to King Geord Brazer of Corennon. The message explained Magistrate Tythis’s usurping of her influence and begged the king to consider a truce. The party decided to accompany Beren and help him deliver the queen’s message.

The party continued north, following the road, and passed through several villages along the way, populated mainly by Incarian settlers. They also encountered a group of bandits led by an arcanist, whom they dispatched with some difficulty. The arcanist had laid a trap using ritual magic, but thanks to Callidus scouting ahead, the party avoided the trap (at the cost of Callidus’s personal health).

The party continued on, finally arriving in Corennon to find a city going about its business, seemingly unconcerned with the war that had been started barely a week before. They followed Beren to the house of Jenya, a wealthy Corennan and potential ally, and found that she was willing to arrange an audience with the king.

The party traveled with Jenya the following day to meet the king. They traveled across the lake to the island at the center of Corennon, where they found Geord Brazer waiting for them. The king was skeptical of the queen’s intent, and requested proof of her claims, which the party didn’t have. He was vehement in his desire to see the Venthians driven back to the plateau before even thinking about a truce, but Lucan was able to wrest a promise from him that he would seek a temporary cease-fire after driving the Venthians back across the river, to give the queen time to substantiate her claims.

After meeting with the king, the party traveled back to Jenya’s house to plan their next move. They were talking into the night, when Jenya stumbled back through the door, mumbled a warning, and promptly collapsed. Behind her came a menacing black-cloaked figure, whose only visible skin was the lower half of his face, which was scarred with the marks of a terrible plague. The session ended as he entered. Shit is about to go down …


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