Character Backgrounds

Your character will need one of these backgrounds to tie into the main story of the game. Just pick a background, flesh it out and make it your own, then post your responses in the forum. Each background can be used with any class or race, although some may lend themselves better to certain combinations. Pick a background that sounds cool to you, and there’s probably a way to make the class you want to play fit. We’ll be giving everybody a bonus for their background after characters have been made, and this will no doubt be a way to help your character fit into the background you’ve picked. If you want your fighter to be the scholar, we could give you training in History, and if you want your wizard to be the Stormhawk, we could give him proficiency in a martial weapon and maybe a different stat for melee basic attacks.

Il Duce: You are a masked vigilante known to the citizens of Venth only as Il Duce. Your heroics are a one-man campaign against the recent tightening of authority by the government of Venth. Although your exploits are currently few and not all that impressive, word has spread of your actions and people have taken your image up as a rallying cry, embellishing a bit as they go.
NPC Connections: Red Jack
- What prompted this solo crusade? Are you a nationalist wishing to preserve your vision of a just Venth, or do you hate your country’s government? Is your reason philosophical or personal?
- Who are you outside of your Il Duce persona? Are you a noble or commoner? What responsibilities do you have to attend to in your normal life that might conflict with Il Duce?

Stormhawk: You are a soldier in the army of Venth. You’re a member of an elite unit of soldiers known as the Stormhawks. You’re under the command of Taris Incarell, an up-and-coming officer known for his swordplay and his appetite for advancing his career. Your unit is currently assigned to Venth’s capital city, where your mission is to hunt down dangerous Corennon sympathizers and stop the attacks on your people.
NPC Connections: Tanis Idarell, Jorrim
- Why did you join the army? Did you have a choice? Were you assigned to the Stormhawks because of your skill in combat, or did you push for a position in the unit?
- How do you feel about the current tensions between your nation and Corennon? Are you worried about the threat of war, or do you welcome it?

Scholar: You are a junior fellow in Venth’s Librarium, home of the country’s magistrate and a center of learning for all forms of knowledge. You might be a priest of the god of knowledge, a mercenary with a penchant for learning, or you might even have learned arcane magic from the LIbrarium’s wizards. Your work at the Librarium doesn’t take up all of your time, so like most junior fellows you supplement your meager earnings with work on the side. Your recent administrative work for the city has revealed to you that Venth seems to be preparing for war, and the Magistrate of Venth hasn’t taken action yet. For a low-ranking scholar to make such a politically charged accusation, however, would require more in the way of evidence …
NPC Connections: Magistrate Tythis
- So you’re a scholar – how do you feel about that? Is research a means to an end, or a way of life? If it isn’t your passion, what goals do you hope to achieve through climbing the bureaucracy of Incarion?

Barbarian: There are a great many barbarian tribes that have been broken and scattered to the winds by the empire’s armies. Some barbarians continue to live in the Wilds or on the fringes of civilization, and many find refuge in Corennon, where the primal spirits are still revered. You, however, have journeyed to the heart of Venth for your own reasons. You have become acquainted with the underbelly of Venthian society, and as such have felt the stirrings of war for some time.
NPC Connections: Moira Wildheart, Red Jack
- Who was your tribe? Describe them, most barbarians of Telios choose simple names that evoke animals or primal forces, like Talons of the Hawk. Your tribe also had a striking physical characteristic that sets you apart from the people around you, what is it? Tattoos, piercings, ritual scarring?
- Why did you journey to Venth? How have you reacted to your exposure to civilization? Have you softened or hardened your opinion on it?

Arcanist: Nearly all practitioners of arcane magic study at a Librarium for some length of time, but not all those gifted enough to wield arcane magic stay within Incarion’s official sanction. Mages that choose to practice outside a Librarium, or use their arcane talents for other ends, are known as arcanists. Although members of almost any arcane class can be found both within and outside of the Librariums, Librariums tend to house a larger proportion of wizards, while arcanists are much more varied in their usage of magic. Of these, swordmages and bladesingers are accorded the most respect by the general population, and bards and non-sponsored wizards are treated with perhaps a little more distrust.
- Where do you come from? Are you a native of Venth, or have your travels led you here?
- What was your experience at the Librarium like, and why did you leave?

Devoted Priest: You are a priest dedicated to the worship of one of the Seven. You were trained in Venth’s largest Shrine to the Seven, and have now been assigned to one of the many smaller temples scattered throughout the city.
- Which deity do you serve? What led you to choose this particular path for yourself?

Imperial Agent: You are an agent of the central government of Incarion, trained in a remote location of the central province and sent to Venth to investigate rumors of unrest. You might be a stealthy operative, a warrior with some special skills, or a master of arcane investigation. Regardless, your mission is to investigate the current situation in Venth and report to your superiors.
- The empire prefers to assign agents to work in their native lands. Are you originally from Venth? If so, how did you end up as an operative for Incarion?

Demonsworn: A member of a small town near the border of Venth and Corennon, your life was forever changed when you encountered a dark entity in the nearby forest (insert forest name here). The demon offered you a bargain: it would let you escape with your life and invest you with a conduit to its power, and you would offer it mortal souls in exchange for your own. You chose to live, and are now wandering the land of Venth, killing with your master’s power and returning their life force to it.
Required: Warlock
- Who do you choose as your victims? Unless you have embraced your existence as evil and amoral, you probably try to kill only those that deserve to die anyways.
- Who did you leave behind in your village? Do any of your former friends and family know your secret?
- This background is dark and lends itself well to a tortured, anti-hero kind of character. We might need a group discussion before including this background in the party.

Character Backgrounds

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