Martial Traditions

Telios is home to many different schools of combat. Many of these traditions can be traced back to the five martial disciplines that originated hundreds of years ago in Incarion, although each nation has a few of its own unique styles. Each “classic” discipline has several sub-schools, although each attempts to emulate the disciplined state of mind demonstrated by Kareth, the god of study and focus. Few students have the discipline and strength of will required to unlock the full potential of these schools, but learning and practicing the techniques improve the fighting capabilities of anyone who devotes the time and effort.

The Classic Styles:

Incarion High Blade Technique – The most famous of the styles originating in Incarion, the High Blade Technique is easy to learn but very difficult to master. It focuses on the use of a weapon in two hands, traditionally a blade, although the form has since been adapted to suit many different weapons. The user focuses on maintaining a balanced posture, allowing fluid transitions from offense to defense and back again. This form is prevalent because it keeps the user ready for any situation, although masters of other styles have an edge against any but the most skilled of High Blade practitioners.

Twin Lightning – This form teaches the wielder to move like lightning, striking with precision and speed. It focuses on breaking the patterns of combat through swiftness and unpredictability, allowing the user to maintain the initiative. Its students favor the use of two blades, one longer and one shorter, and its masters are skilled in the use of either blade individually or both simultaneously.

Sun and Moon – This form focuses on maneuverability and close fighting, taking advantage of the user’s speed and lack of armor. This form utilizes a single light blade, coupled with a small defensive weapon held or worn on the off hand. Traditionally, this is a dagger, bracer or buckler, but a very popular sub-form uses a long cloak to incorporate distractions as well as parries. This technique is strong against forms that rely on the user’s strength and reach, such as Falling Water, but weak against forms with the speed to mitigate its advantages, such as Twin Lightning.

Fortress of Steel – This form focuses on the use of sword and shield to protect the user and provide multiple avenues of attack. Although the shield is traditionally considered a defensive weapon, this form relies on that natural defensiveness and focuses primarily on developing the shield as a second weapon.

Other Famous Styles:

Falling Water – Originating in Mundi, Falling Water overwhelms the enemy with blow after blow from a large weapon expertly swung. Relentless as the name implies, students of this style are renowned for their athleticism and nigh-unstoppable attacks. Despite the school’s reputation for blistering offense, the true heart of its teachings lies not in how to attack, but how to maintain control of the weapon in the user’s hands. The philosophy behind Falling Water is that if the user can keep his large, heavy weapon under control, the weapon’s size and weight will take care of the opponent’s defenses itself.

Stirring Mist – Originally developed in Gevalt, Stirring Mist is one of the oldest and least practiced martial forms. It is distinctive in two ways, one for its focus on training initiates in mounted combat, the other for its exclusive choice of various polearms. Stirring Mist strives to make use of every piece of the weaponry given to you, even the haft, butt, and hilt of many weapons. Attacks from a Stirring Mist master can come at any time and from any direction, their weapons continually in motion, nearly unseen to the naked eye. In more recent years, the study of this philosophy has been taken up by Corennon, lending even more ferocity to their already vicious shock troops.

Venthian Military Style – Although Venth has never put a name on its soldiers’ teamwork-oriented training, masters of the other schools have taken to referring to it as the Spoken Blade style.

Venthian Military Arcane Support Style – Similar to the Spoken Blade style, the Venthian Military Arrcane Support Style is designed to seamlessly incorporate the abilities of the Knights Arcanum Blades to sow death and destruction into the teamwork-oriented combat style of the Venth Military. It is designed in such a way that it does not disrupt regular combat maneuvers while maintaining the maximum amount efficacy on the battlefield. Due to its destructive power and effectiveness on the battlefield this form is most often referred to as Flowering Death Style.

High Arcanist’s Dueling Style(The Flame and the Void) – A style developed specifically for small skirmishes and duels, it is the preferred style of the Knights Arcanum Shadows as well as many Swordmages and Bladesingers with noble blood. It emphasizes the efficient use arcane power to limit opponents options and supplement sword forms so that a fight can be finished as quickly as possible. In general the practitioner will isolate one opponent to assault with sword while distracting and hampering other enemies with various spells. In the case of a duel the full potential of this form is released as the practitioners martial prowess and arcane might are simultaneously unleashed on their opponent. This style is often spoken of as the Flame and the Void because of the way its practitioners seek to attain a mental state of nothingness where their arcane and martial powers blend seamlessly and without thought into a deadly and efficient martial form.

Martial Traditions

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